Everything you need to know about NekoMiko.
What is NekoMiko?

NekoMiko is a collection of 1,600 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are made up of hundreds of traditional and spiritual traits drawn in Japanese anime style. The traits of NekoMiko is based on the Japanese belief in lucky charms. Each color and pattern has a meaning of carrying luck such as relationship, health, work and study. We believe that this is a NFT that can bring you a lot of good fortune.NekoMiko also comes with voice! Voice actress will be revealed soon.50% of the primary sales will be donated to cat shelters, because we love cats. And we believe loving and caring will bring more fortune.No roadmap, but the cats might prepare some surprises.

How many NekoMiko are there in this collection?

There will be 1,600 NekoMiko in this collection.

NekoMiko Standard 1,000
NekoMiko Premium 600

What's the difference between standard version and premium version?

There will be 1,000 edition for standard version and 600 edition for premium version.
The standard version will be regular random generative PFPs.
The premium version will be random generative PFPs with voices, visual effects and omamori frames.

Standard version will be distributed through free mint. You can secure the mint by getting WL before the drop. The remaining editions will be sold publicly.
Premium version will be sold in two stages, pre-sale and public sale. Pre-sale is for WL holders with a price of 0.06 ETH. Public sale will be 0.08 ETH

How much is the mint?

NekoMiko Standard
WL Mint 0 ETH (Free Mint)
Public Mint 0 ETH (Free Mint)

NekoMiko Premium
Pre Sale 0.06 ETH
Public Sale 0.08 ETH

When is the mint?

NekoMiko Standard
WL MINT 2022/09/12(Monday)11:00(JST)~2022/09/13(Tuesday)18:00(JST)
Public MINT 2022/09/14(Wednesday)11:00(JST)~2022/09/15(Thursday)18:00(JST)

NekoMiko Premium
Pre Sale 2022/09/20(Tuesday)11:00(JST)~2022/09/21(Wednesday)18:00(JST)
Public Sale 2022/09/22(Thursday)11:00(JST)~2022/09/26(Monday)18:00(JST)

How to Mint?

When the mint date and time arrives, you may mint on the Mint page by connecting Metamask.

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