NekoMiko is a collection of 1,600 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are made up of hundreds of design parts based on traditional Japanese 'omamori' (protection) charms. Each color and pattern has a deeper meaning, and can bring fortune to its owner in love, health, work and academics. We believe that this is an NFT that can be your good luck charm too! NekoMiko (Premium) will be voiced by Suzuko Mimori, a popular Japanese voice actress.

We love cats, and good deeds = good karma.
So 50% of primary sales will be donated to cat shelters!

No roadmap, but the cats might prepare some surprises.

Standard & Premium

There will be 1,000 edition for standard version and 600 edition for premium version.
The standard version will be regular random generative PFPs.
The premium version will be random generative PFPs with voices, visual effects and omamori frames.

Standard version will be distributed through free mint. You can secure the mint by getting WL before the drop. The remaining editions will be sold publicly.
Premium version will be sold in two stages, pre-sale and public sale. Pre-sale is for WL holders with a price of 0.06 ETH. Public sale will be 0.08 ETH
Random generative PFP
Random generative PFP
Omamori Frame
Visual Effect

About Suzuko Mimori

NekoMiko Premium version will be voiced by Suzuko Mimori, a well known Japanese voice actress.

Suzuko Mimori (三森 すずこ) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and singer who is best known as the voice of Sherlock Shellingford in the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series, Umi Sonoda from the Love Live! franchise, Kourin Tatsunagi from Cardfight!! Vanguard series, and Nanami Momozono from the Kamisama Kiss series.

Color Meanings In Japan

White“Inviting better fortune”
Black“To ward off bad luck”
Red“For health and longevity”
Blue“Improvement in studies”
Yellow“Good fortune and good luck”
Gold“Good luck in money”
Green“Family safety and traffic safety”
Pink “Fulfillment of love”

Pattern Meanings In Japan

麻の葉 Flax Ornament: Wishing for the healthy growth of children, often used in maternity clothes and good luck charms to ward off evil.

小桜 Kozakura: Scattered Flowers and petals. Wishes for good luck, a bountiful harvest, and prosperity.

菊 Chrysanthemum: This pattern is often used to wish for health, such as "immortality," "prolongation of life," and "good health.

梅 Plum: This flower was favored by aristocrats because of the Chinese legend, "If you study hard, plum blossoms will bloom.

市松 Checkered: The same pattern continues uninterruptedly everywhere, which means "prosperity of descendants" and "expansion of business.

亀甲 Tortoiseshell: It is now said to be a pattern that brings good luck in money, and is considered a pattern of good fortune in every sense.

青海波 Wave: This pattern is a prayer for long-lasting happiness and a peaceful life, as the waves continue to gently roll in and out of the water.

七宝 Cloisonne: This traditional pattern is believed to bring good luck in marriage, as the endlessly connected circles (edges) are believed to "bring together good luck".
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